The Minnesota Sports Infamy Tournament

Post date: Mar 16, 2020 6:24:59 PM

Last year I thought about doing an NCAA bracket style showdown between all the events on the Calendar. However, the idea came too late in March and I didn’t have enough time to plan it all out. With my book deadline fast approaching I didn’t think I would have time to do it this year either, but so much has changed in the past week. The NCAA cancelled this year’s tourney, and yesterday the Governor closed schools because we’re all facing a different kind of “March Madness”. Many of us are stuck at home, and let’s face it, we need a laugh. Therefore, I thought it might be fun to revive the idea and give it a try.

I present to you the Minnesota Sports Infamy Tournament (#MnSIT). 68 events that have been deemed the most infamous, scandalous, embarrassing, and face palming in Minnesota Sports History. These events will face off in a showdown that mirrors what would have been the schedule for the NCAA basketball tournament. The 68 events were chosen by my dedicated but limited and quarantined writing staff (Me and my teacher co-workers Matt and Kyle). The Selection Committee practiced safe social distancing and submitted their rankings via email. Those rankings were compiled and the seedings have been placed in the brackets/match-ups below. PLEASE DO (yes DO) complain in the comments if you feel certain ‘bubble’ events that you are passionate about, didn’t make the cut. The more social interaction the better. Please use the hashtag #MnSIT

DISCLAIMER: the committee has always ruled out certain events that are deemed distasteful, or involve abuse of any kind. Its not ok to laugh about those events. There are a few in our history (we all know which ones), and they will never be a part of the WHENESOTA project.

The 'First Four' will be play-in match-ups held on March 17 & 18 and the first round of the tournament will be held on Thursday March 19, & Friday March 20. The match-ups will also be held in accordance with MDH and CDC Social Distancing policies, with no fans in attendance. A poll will be placed on Twitter for each match up that will last 24 hours deciding which event advances.

Entire schedule

Play in match-ups: March 17 & 18

Round of 64: March 19 & 20

Round of 32: March 21 & 22

Sweet 16: March 26 & 27

Elite 8: March 28 & 29

Final 4: Saturday April 4th - I was looking forward to The Eagles concert that day :-(

Championship: Monday April 6th

Remember this is for fun, and done with a big heart and good intentions. My goal is to make you laugh or smile and help us all get through this unsettling time with some sanity. Sports are so far away from what’s truly important. I’m hoping that this crisis will unite us again, much like 9/11 did, even if just for a little while. Survive and advance.

Maybe by the time we have crowned the champion of the MnSIT the crisis will have died down and we can return to some level of normalcy. As self-appointed Commissioner of Minnesota Sports Infamy, I declare this tournament OPEN!

Printable Bracket Excel Version

The first 4

#16 Moss Catering outburst

#16 Mike Legg Puck life

#16 Dallas Stars exhibition game

#16 Garnett-Taylor don’t know Sh*t

#11 Pohlad’s Letter of Intent to sell

#11 Dino Ciccarelli’s Pants

#11 Marv/Harv Sell Wolves to N.O.

#11 Twins release David Ortiz

Mike Lynn Region

#1 Herschel Walker Trade

#16 Moss Catering/Mike Legg puck Lift

#8 Tim Brewster hired

#9 Cardinals 4th down Noooooo!

#5 Burseys post game rant

#12 Disco Darrin drafted

#4 Joe Niekro Sandpaper

#13 JR Rider goes after referee

#6 Gophers leave WCHA

#11 Pohlad LOI/Ciccarelli Pants

#3 Favre throws across the body for int

#14 Boston Brawl Bruins/North Stars

#7 Steve Young’s 49 yard Run

#10 Nebraska 84-13

#2 Gopher Academic scandal

#15 Dick Allen’s 2 inside park HR’s off Blyleven

Fred Smoot Region

#1 Take a Knee

#16 Blyleven Middle Finger

#8 Jim Marshall runs wrong way

#9 Sprewell family to feed

#5 Rubio + Flynn over Curry

#12 Randy Moss Moon

#4 Love Boat

#13 Moss squirts ref

#6 Cassell’s big balls dance

#11 Fans tear apart Met Stadium

#3 Pohlad Admits volunteering contraction

#14 Bradford/Barnett Stripsack Keenum

#7 Notre Dame Clause

#10 Nishioka returns salary in shame

#2 Bounty Gate

#15 Gophers lose to Holy Cross

Norm Green Region

#1 North Stars Move

#16 Randy Moss-Play when I want to play

#8 41-donut

#9 Bi lateral Leg Weakness

#5 Les Steckel hired

#12 Dimitrius Underwood walks out of practice

#4 John Wooden Snowstorm

#13 Phil Cuzzies blown call on Mauer Double

#6 Ndudi Ebi drafted

#11 Herb Brooks not return North Stars Coach

#3 Drew Pearson Pushoff

#14 Staubach shows Norm around Dallas

#7 Gopher football move to Dome

#10 Gophers OSU Barn Brawl

#2 12 Men in the huddle

#15 Griffith-never want 1st round again

Glen Taylor Region

#1 Gary Anderson missed FG

#16 Stars Return/Garnett Taylor

#8 Ciccarelli swing stick - assault

#9 Garnett Traded-not appreciated

#5 Whizzinator

#12 Jimmy Butler crashes practice

#4 Gophers blow lead Michigan

#13 Calvin Griffith racist remarks

#6 Darrin Nelson dropped pass

#11 Marv & Harv/Ortiz

#3 Illegal Joe Smith deal

#14 Killebrew hurt in All Star game

#7 Vikings Draft card to podium

#10 Lakers Move

#2 Blair Walsh missed kick

#15 Gophers insight bowl meltdown