Minnesota Vikings Anxiety Advisory System

Post date: Sep 30, 2018 7:14:41 PM

I haven’t blogged since before the Packer game. I am growing increasingly concerned about this team. With all the high expectations this year, my concern and anxiety grows with each passing week. And let’s be honest….if you’re like me, just having those high expectations causes anxiety anyway. I mean, as soon as prognosticators started picking the Vikings the win the division, my stomach started rumbling.

I’m well aware I am psychologically messed up when it comes to the Vikings. But that’s what 45 years of being a fan of this team can do to a person. Thinking about this from a psychological standpoint, I started wondering if there are different levels of the anxiety and certain things that might trigger those different levels. In response to this, I have created a “Minnesota Vikings Anxiety Advisory System.” To help others who share my affliction know which levels of disappointment they should be prepared for.

Minnesota Vikings Anxiety Advisory System

Low – Low risk of disappointment and heartbreak. Color = Periwinkle

In my mind all Vikings fans are usually guarded at some point, so there is NEVER, not a risk of being disappointed. Therefore Vikings fans are rarely at this level. It’s usually only seen during the offseason. Unless you are delusional, or a recent Vikings fan, the rest of us are doomsday preppers and this is the least anxious we can be. If you are at LOW during the regular season, please see a doctor immediately.

GUARDED – General risk of heartbreak and disappointment. Color = Orchid

This level is usually seen during the pre-season and on weeks when we are heavily favored over an opponent. Like the Bills game a few weeks back. I cringed every time I heard someone on the radio mention how many points we were favored by and how this was a ‘ballcap game’ (starters wearing ballcaps by halftime). People who talk like that are just poking the superstition bear. You know better!!!

ELEVATED – Significant risk of heartbreak and disappointment. Color = Mauve

This is the level you are at going into a game we likely won’t win. Like the Rams last Thursday. We knew that would be a tough game and were not favored. I was concerned it was going to be a blowout. Especially after the Bills game. But the offense bounced back and surprised me. I was also concerned about the defense heading into that game. We are constantly in a soft zone, and giving receivers cushions. There are blown coverages, no safety help, and miscommunication. We also get very little pressure on the opposing quarterback. But the most concerning thing is we don’t make any adjustments at half. So because my thoughts on the defense were confirmed….I personally remain at the ELEVATED level of anxiety heading into Philadelphia next week.

HIGH – High risk of heartbreak and disappointment. Color = Purple.

If the Vikes are in a playoff game, or playing Green Bay, we are all pretty much at this level, no matter who is favored. This was the level of the Saints playoff game last year. The Vikings were favored, but because of our playoff past with the Saints and high expectations, I was ready for disaster.

SEVERE - Almost certain disappointment and heartbreak looming. Color = Deep Dark Purple

Any game the Vikes MUST win. 2018 Philadelphia, 2009 New Orleans, Cardinals knocking the Vikes out of the playoffs in 2003. You know the drill. When the season is on the line…our Anxiety meter has reached severe. Smoke on the water, and fire in the sky.

Hopefully Understanding our personal Vikings anxiety level can help us all deal with it appropriately . And as G.I. Joe says…Knowing is half the battle.

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