Post date: Sep 04, 2018 1:11:45 AM

I saw on Twitter today that the Minnesota Twins are having a Fortnite themed event this Sunday called “Fortday”. It comes with a free t-shirt. As a teacher, and on the eve of the first day of school for many Minnesota children, I feel its my duty to inform the Twins how dangerous this might be. I’m guessing the Twins promotions department has never been around any teenagers. If they were, they would know that when people play fortnight, (especially kids) their faces are BURIED in their phones. They don’t look up. They WON’T look up. Heck, even the picture on the T shirt looks like the person’s eyes are closed. There’s a lot of foul balls in a baseball game. Anyone else seeing this as a recipe for disaster? I know they want this event to be ‘lit’. But having someone get 'lit up' by a screaming line drive, probably isn't what they intended. Especially with picture day coming in the next few weeks at most schools. I would be comforted if the Twins would seat all the Fortday participants behind home plate so they are at least protected by the netting.

In addition to the safety issue, it also occurred to me that the people the Twins are targeting probably won’t be watching the actual baseball game, again because of the diverted attention. I know the season may not be going the way they wanted it to, but do they really want people buying tickets to a game and NOT watching the baseball team? Hmmmm. Wait a minute. Now that I actually typed that out, it makes sense. I’m guessing we should be expecting Candy Crush night in the near future?