Does Rick Spielman's car have heated seats?

Post date: Jan 06, 2019 7:20:52 PM

I’ve had a week to digest the loss to the Bears last Sunday. Time to think, reflect and ponder. Pun intended. I wanted to give myself some time and not overreact or say something I would regret. Other fans however Immediately took to social media and called for Mike Zimmer to be fired. I’m not there yet. I think he deserves another year. There are changes he needs to make, literally, like making mid game adjustments. He seems very tentative to change the defense when it’s not working. He seems reluctant to blitz when they aren’t getting pressure. He stubbornly rushes 4 and other QB’s pick us apart. However, I think the biggest change he needs to make is that he may need to let go of the defensive play calling. Maybe he just needs to be the head coach at this point.

Having said that, HOW THE HELL does Zimmer get heat and NOBODY is talking about Rick Speilman? There are and have been GLARING issues with the Offensive line for years. There are QB issues. There are Special Teams issues. The person that is responsible for those issues (in my mind) is Spielman. I am absolutely Baffled that I haven't seen much if any criticism of him.

A new follower on Twitter (@TheSportsminn) pointed out that a few media outlets have given the Vikings high marks in the draft recently. In April 2018, Brian Costello of the NY Post gave us a #1 ranking for our 2016 draft class (NY Post gave us a #3 for 2017).

Brett Smiley of Fox Sports gave the Vikings the #1 overall ranking for our 5 year draft record in April 2017.

But don’t forget, at one time Forbes called Kevin McHale the Best GM in ALL of sports. So there’s that.

Let me be clear. I’m a fan. I’m a rube. I am NOT media. I don’t think I could be…I fall asleep during too many games. Thank you Mr. DVR inventor guy! (sung to the ‘Real Men of Genius’ tune). WHEN-ESOTA? Is about fans. People like me who bleed for their teams and stick by them even though they kick us in the nuts every year, and keep coming back for more. My reactions are passion based and not experience based. Therefore, Im not going to break down X’s and O’s because frankly, I don’t know enough about it. I actually tried to go through every pick Spielman was ever involved in, (scroll down) But as I researched it, I discovered that MOST draft picks don’t turn out and EVERY team struggles with this. The draft is pretty much a crap shoot and every team is rolling the dice.

So How then do you evaluate If Spielman is doing a good job or not? From what I read most think Spielman is a genius. How so? Here’s what I see from my spot on the couch:


He’s wasted 3 draft picks on 2 kickers and a punter. Dumb. And not only did he draft another kicker (Carlson) after the Blair Witch Project, he traded back up to do it. AND the pick he traded up to get? It was originally ours! That’s right. We had originally traded that same pick to the Jets to move up earlier. So in essence, he traded away a pick, then traded to get it back. How dumb is that? Isnt there a Kevin Costner movie about that?

Chasing the franchise QB.

Ask yourself who the best QBs in the league are right now. Then ask yourself where they were drafted. I have said this for years, that wasting a top pick on a QB is the dumbest thing a GM can do. Therefore I will never forgive him for Ponder. And he’s pretty much admitted that he has chased the QB position. He tried to trade up and get Johnny Manziel for cripes sake! Thank you Cleveland! In desperation he drafted Teddy. And now, because he can’t figure out how to draft one, he overpaid for one.

Speaking of overpaying a QB…

I remember shaking my head when they let Sullivan go. This offensive line has been bad for a long time now. It’s not a new problem. His lack of ability, or even willingness at times to address it is absolutely inexcusable. On top of that he signs a 30 million dollar pocket passer without protecting him?

Why do people think he is so good? I’m not seeing the genius. Does he have dirty pictures of the Wilf’s? At the very least, how is he not getting ANY heat right now and Zimmer is taking all of it? I’m not sure if he has heated seats in his car, but he should. He has one year left on his contract. If he doesn’t fix the O line, (not address it, FIX IT) I think he’s gone. Paying for Cousins and not protecting him will be the final nail in the coffin.

My “Rube’s Analysis” of Rick Spielman’s drafts

Spielman was part of the Triangle of Authority at first that included Zygi, and Childress. He wasn’t solely responsible for the draft until 2012. Remember these are OPINIONS, and I make them from my couch. Some you may not agree with. Some look like they have the potential to be higher, but haven’t hit it yet due to an injury, age etc. If I don’t remember their name, they’re probably a bust.


Win: Chad Greenway

Push: Cedric Griffen, Ray Edwards

Bust: Tarvaris Jackson, Ryan Cook, Greg Blue


Win: Adrian Peterson, Brian Robison

Push: Sidney Rice

Bust: Marcus McCauley, Aundrae Allison, Rufus Alexander, Tyler Thigpen, Chandler Williams


Win: (Jared allen obtained in trade), John Sullivan

Push: None

Bust: Tyrell Johnson, John David Booty, Letroy Guion, Jaymar Johnson


Win: Percy Harvin, Phil Loadholt

Push: None

Bust: Asher Allen, Jasper Brinkley, Jamarca Sanford


Win: Everson Griffen

Push: Toby Gerhart

Bust: Chris Cook, Chris DeGeare, Nathan Triplett, Joe Webb, Mickey Shuler, Jr., Ryan D'Imperio


Win: Kyle Rudolph

Push: Brandon Fusco

Bust: Christian Ponder, Christian Ballard, Brandon Burton, DeMarcus Love, Mistral Raymond, Ross Homan, D'Aundre Reed, Stephen Burton

2012 (Spielman’s first draft on his own)

Win: Harrison Smith

Push: Jarius Wright, Rhett Ellison

Bust: Matt Kalil, Blair Walsh, Josh Robinson, Greg Childs, Robert Blanton, Audie Cole, Trevor Guyton


Win: Xavier Rhodes

Push: Cordarrelle Patterson

Bust: Sharrif Floyd, Gerald Hodges, Jeff Locke, Jeff Baca, Michael Mauti, Travis Bond, Everett Dawkins


Win: Anthony Barr, Jerick McKinnon

Push: Teddy Bridgewater

Bust: Scott Crichton, David Yankey, Antone Exum, Kendall James, Shamar Stephen, Brandon Watts, Jabari Price


Win: Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter, Stefon Diggs

Push: Trae Waynes

Bust: T. J. Clemmings, MyCole Pruitt, Tyrus Thompson, B. J. Dubose, Austin Shepherd, Edmond Robinson


Win: None yet

Push: Mackensie Alexander, Stephen Weatherly,

Bust: Laquon Treadwell, Willie Beavers, Kentrell Brothers. Moritz Böhringer, David Morgan, Jayron Kearse


Win: None yet

Push: Dalvin Cook, Pat Elflein, Ben Gedeon

Bust: Jaleel Johnson, Rodney Adams, Danny Isidora, Bucky Hodges, Stacy Coley, Ifeadi Odenigbo, Elijah Lee, Jack Tocho


Win: None yet

Push: Mike Hughes

Bust: Brian O'Neill, Jalyn Holmes, Tyler Conklin, Daniel Carlson, Colby Gossett, Ade Aruna, Devante Downs