Dear Mike Zimmer: Don’t let Brees have time to throw.

Post date: Oct 25, 2018 1:17:15 AM

After starting out 1-2-1, The Vikings have won 3 straight and currently lead the division. Cousins has been looking like the QB we’ve always dreamed of. Adam Thielen is a rock star, and possible future contestant on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Our defense looks much better than it had been. And since the Rams game, Anthony Barr has been kept out of single coverage on receivers.

Things are looking up right? Ummmmm.… If you have ‘Vikings Anxiety Disorder’ (VAD) like me…you are on edge for the game this weekend because the Saints are marching in for a rematch.

As much as I would love to see the purple come out and destroy the Saints this weekend, I’m struggling to believe it’s possible. This is going to be a nail biter, and I am fearful the Vikings are going to come out on the wrong end of it. Why do I lack faith you ask? Because I’m a Viking’s fan, duh.

No really, here’s why.

The Saints are 5-1 and Drew Brees is playing lights out. Through 6 games he has 13 TD’s. He had 23 TD all of last year. He currently has a 77% completion percentage. In case you didn’t know, the record for completion percentage in a season is 72%. That record is currently held by…..Drew Brees.

I also have a few defensive concerns.

Injuries. CB Mike Hughes is already on IR, but I've read that some other important defensive starters may likely be out. Anthony Barr, Xavier Rhodes, Andrew Sendejo, and Linval Joseph all might be out for this game with injuries. That’s a lot of talent.

Remember….we’re playing DREW BREES. Maybe you’ve blacked this out of your memory, but unfortunately my OCD won’t let it go, so let me remind you. January 14, 2018, Divisional Playoff, US Bank Stadium. We were up 17-0 at one point and Drew Brees made our defense look silly to the tune of 24 points. It took a “Minneapolis Miracle” for us to pull that game out.

But there’s a part of that story that some people tend to leave out. Most people think the Saints comeback started AFTER halftime, because the score was 17-0 at the break. The truth is, the Saints comeback actually started halfway through the 2nd quarter. After Latavius Murray scored to put the Vikings up 17-0 with 9:58 left in the half, The Vikings defense seemed to go into a prevent, giving Brees’ receivers 10 yard cushions and seemed to stop getting any pressure on the QB. Up until that point the Saints hadn’t even crossed the 50. I’ll never understand why we laid off the gas.

The Saints had 3 drives after that Murray TD before the end of the half.

That first one ate 4 minutes, and 60 yards. It ended (luckily) on a tipped pass interception by Anthony Barr in the redzone. Incidentally, that pass was tipped by Everson Griffin (with his back turned no less) who returned to team activities this week.

The second was 2.5 minutes and 61 yards. It ended (luckily) on a missed field goal.

On their last drive, the Saints took a knee to headed to the locker room with 2 seconds left.

So why bring this up? Why re-open these wounds?

We can’t live in the past, but we can learn from it. I really hope Zimmer has learned that he can’t give Brees time to throw. With or without all of our injuries. He’s going to need to be more creative. If we can get pressure on Brees, we win. Its as simple as that.

WHEN-ESOTA?’s current Vikings Anxiety Level = HIGH


P.S. I apologize there hasn’t been a food blog the past few weeks. WHEN-ESOTA? has been on the road recently but will have a food blog next week. I’m thinking about making Shepherd’s Pie. So keep an eye out for that.