Border Battle Weekend

Post date: Sep 15, 2018 5:50:23 PM

Its border battle weekend. The Vikings are favored by 1 or 2 depending on where you look. I feel like the Vikings are the better team… and on paper, they ‘should’ win. In my mind that doesn’t change even if the Packers whiny QB plays. The fact that we ‘should’ win, scares me. Because that means the chances of the Vikings blowing it are just a bit higher. (it’s science. Look it up.)

Why do I think that way? What’s wrong with me? Are there therapists who specialize in fatalist fans like me?

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when the Vikings lose, especially….to THEM. I know I‘ll have to take abuse from all my coworkers and students who are Puker fans. Which is totally lame, because I would NEVER do that to them. 😊

On a semi related note, here’s another question to ponder (Pun intended). When they lose a game, which team makes you more upset? The Twins or Vikings? I feel like for most Minnesotans it’s The Purple. We get visibly upset and angry when the Vikings lose. Anyone else have a Vikings brick? And, no...I'm not talking about the kind people donate money to have their names engraved at new stadiums. (see photo below). I know there are 2 out there in existence. One at my house and one at my parents.

But when the Twins lose, we just turn the TV off and carry on with our day. And then turn them right back on again the next night. Why? What’s the difference? Is it about expectations? Do we expect the Twins to lose, and the Vikings to win? Are we just used to so many losing seasons by the Twins that we’re desensitized to it? Is it about championships? Maybe Minnesotans are still satiated with the 2 World Series titles almost 30 years ago that it's not that big of deal? Been there done that. The Vikings have lost all 4 Superbowls they’ve been in, perhaps we can’t move on till we win one?

My dad is the perfect example of this. He gets so mad when the Vikings blow a game, but gives the Twins a pass every time they lose. He says it’s because there’s less football games than baseball games, so the football games count more. Let me get this straight…’s like a spreading out of the anger? One football game’s worth of anger = 10.125 baseball games. Therefore, you can disperse the anger molecules out over time, and lessen the impact?

I just have to know what others think on this issue and why. I think I might start a Twitter poll. BUT… not today. I think I'll wait until after the game tomorrow. I don’t want to jinx anything.