A Letter to Dave St. Peter and the Minnesota Twins

Post date: Aug 08, 2020 5:7:6 PM

Dear Mr. St. Peter and the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club,

Although we are saddened that fans can’t attend Twins games in person, we understand the situation and the use of “cut-outs” to make the games as real as possible. Some teams are starting to be creative and have fun with the cut outs. On Thursday night, the Kansas City Royals had a cut-out of the character ‘Bernie Lomax’ from the 1989 movie “Weekend at Bernies” behind home plate. It was a wonderful tribute to pay homage to Twins alumni in the first homestand, but maybe it would be fun to show the league that Minnesota can also enjoy some levity during these difficult times.

We’d like to offer up some suggestions* for cut-outs that not only Twins fans would enjoy, but that baseball fans around the country might find entertaining as well. Having said that, here at WHENESOTA, we often find ways to laugh at ourselves. Some of these suggestions might reflect that sense of humor. Showing the world that you can laugh at yourself would not only create a buzz and be a potential PR win, but could possibly improve the collective health of Minnesotans by giving them something to smile about. We could all use a laugh right now.

If anything, maybe this list will trigger some ideas for your PR people.

*These suggestions were put together by myself and other social media users (credited in parentheses)


Minneapolis Millerettes: Annabelle Lee, Lorraine Borg

Billy Martin sitting with Hubert Humphrey and Dave Boswell

Phil Cuzzi sitting by the left field line/foul pole

Hrbek and Ron Gant by first base (@cherryboy1988)

Ron Davis and Joe Niekro sitting near the Bull Pen

Wally the Beerman (@cherryboy1988)

Chuck Knoblauch in right field (@Plouffe24Fan)

Rally Squirrel (@OutsiderTwins)

Butch Wynegar (@wildroadtripper)

Hrbek and Brunansky dressed as the Bruise Brothers (Plouffe24Fan)

Kirby the Kestral perched somewhere high (Plouffe24Fan)

Jim Thome dressed as Paul Bunyan (Plouffe24Fan)

A smiling Tom Kelly (@FrPaulKammen)

Tom Kelly with a cigar

The entire 2002 Twins roster sitting with the Rally Monkey (@EALEsDad)

Bill Smith sitting with Tsuyoshi Nishioka (@Kennnyll)

Terry Ryan sitting with David Ortiz

Dan Gladden sitting with Steve Lombardozzi (@Jeannie0753 and @slab12)


Norm Green sitting all by himself somewhere. (@boringbuildr and @MurphfromMidway)

Jim Bowers and Al Shaver (@Maiers_luke)

The Carlson Brothers in Fighting Saints Jerseys

Dino Ciccarelli (@Wardminny10 and @realizzypresley)

Brian Lawton (@cherryboy1988)

Lou Nanne sitting with a bunch of northern Minnesota hockey players (@WilliamSpelts)


Bruce Smith and Bronko Nagurski - Gophers

Christian and Sam Ponder

Les Steckel sitting next to Greg Coleman in military fatigues

Brett Favre sitting with Greg Lewis

Stefon Diggs and Case Keenum

Blair Walsh and Gary Anderson sitting in the upper corner of the stadium just left of the foul pole (@MOKOV62 & @JunkWaxTwins) and Daniel Carlson in the upper right.

Keith Millard with some Hardees – advertising opportunity (@binger1rules)

Tommy Kramer and Ahmad Rashad (@cherryboy1988)

Randal Cunningham (@MOKOV62)

Boo Boo Rouse (@theunrealjonny5)

Fran Foley (@theunrealjonny5)

Troy Williamson sitting with Erasmus James (@SKOL_Vikes_1473)

Nate Wright and Drew Pearson (@johnwil08956134)


George Mikan, John Kundla

Bud Grant in a Lakers uniform

Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn

Dennis Rodman sitting near an actual TV Camera person

Glen Taylor sitting with Kevin Garnett (@cherryboy1988)

Cheryl Reeve, Seimone Augustus, Lindsay Whalen, Maya Moore and other Lynx players sitting with their 4 trophies

Christian Laettner and JR Rider (@sdrahota)

Ndudi Ebi (@theunrealjonny5)

David Kahn (@theunrealjonny5)

Fran ‘Red Faced’ McCaffery

Garnett sitting with Marbury (@Jeannie0753)


Greg Gagne and Bobby Heenan (@_2244)

An entire section of AWA cutouts (@_2244)

Jessie Ventura, Mean Gene Okerlund, The Crusher, Mad Dog Vachon and Baron Von Raschke (@thetuse)

Nick Bockwinkel (@theunrealjonny5)

Verne Gagne, Curt Hennig, Brian Pillman (@thetuse)


Sid Hartman sitting with some ‘close personal friends’ like George Steinbrenner or Bob Knight (@jmkind24 and @thetuse)

Dark Star (@KellyBEaton)

The Cabal -Dan Barreiro, Patrick Reusse and Bob Sansevere sitting with Denny Green

Joe Buck sitting with Randy Moss (@cherryboy1988)

Bob Uecker in the worst seat in the stadium (@RealIzzyPresley)

Other Minnesota related

Mary Tyler Moore, Lou Grant and Ted Baxter (@TwinsWild16, @BigPdaddy and @Clintster76)

Marge Gunderson and Jerry Lundegaard from the movie “Fargo” (@cherryboy1988)

John Gustafson and Max Goldman from “Grumpy Old Men” (@randallevee)

Prince Rogers Nelson (@stades44)

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (@1_nra and @bigPdaddy)

Hayden Fox, Dauber Dybinski and Luther Van Dam from the TV show “Coach” (@Clintster76 and @cwillaert)

The Andrews Sisters (Clintster76)

Billy Heywood from the movie "Little Big League" (@Maiers_luke)