The Books

History of Heartbreak

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A Slap Shot in Time

The Wild but True History of the Minnesota Fighting Saints

Coming Summer 2022

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Minnesota Sports Disappointment Calendar

(AKA Barreiro's Calendar of Calamity)

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Past Blogs

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The Films


An amateur mock-umentary film about the

heartbreaks of being a Minnesota sports fan.

Full length version

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Links to individual parts

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Part 1: Norm Still Sucks

Part 2: Hoop Dreams

Part 3: The Twins Way

Part 4: Purple Haze & Part V: A New Hope

The North Star State

A film about the history of the Minnesota North Stars

Part 1: A Star is Born

YouTube Link

Part 2: Saints, Seals and Barons

YouTube Link

Part 3: So Close We Can Taste It - Coming Soon!

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