On this day in Minnesota Sports Disappointment History...

posted Oct 29, 2018, 5:29 PM by Dan Whenesota   [ updated Feb 20, 2020, 4:42 AM ]
     On Thursday October 25th, one of my favorites on Twitter (@Super70sSports) posted a gif of Jim Marshall running the wrong way in 1964 against the 49ers.  It was the 54th anniversary of the infamous play.   As Minnesota sports fans, I think we remember most of the bizarre events that have happened because we’ve lived through them.  But it occurred to me that we may not remember WHEN they actually happened.  

    Here at ‘WHEN-ESOTA?’, we try to make light of our Minnesota sports disappointments.  So I thought it might be fun (or painful depending how you look at it) to have an entire calendar of all of them. (See below)  

     If you think something’s missing, or see a mistake I’ve made, feel free to let me know.   For example, I can’t seem to find an exact date the Lakers announced they were leaving (edit: Date found, Thanks @1960sSports).  Also, there’s very little information about the Muskies and Pipers. 

     If I think your suggestion fits the darkly humorous snarky ‘WHEN-ESOTA?’ vibe, I will add it to the list.  Speaking of our vibe, please remember this is supposed to be light hearted and funny.  It’s a healthy way to exorcise the demons of the past.  Laughter is the best medicine, and if you are a Minnesota sports fan and you CAN’T look back at our history and laugh…I don’t know what to tell you other than maybe this isn’t for you.  But I will say this.  What I don’t find funny is domestic or child abuse.  So there are certain events that will NOT be included in this for that very reason. 

     Also, I am going to include the championships.  Mrs. WHEN-ESOTA? says I can’t be negative ALL THE TIME.  Seriously though, we need to remember the few high points in our history to fully appreciate the low ones.  But that’s it.  This isn’t a moral victory! 

     If you want to contribute, please retweet, share etc.  The more people who see this, the more dates we can fill in and maybe complete the calendar.   

January (25 of 31 days filled)
1 (1978) Vikings lose NFC championship to Dallas 23-6.
1 (1989) Vikings lose Divisional playoff to 49ers 34-9
1 (1995) Vikings lose Wild card game to Bears 35-18
2 (1960) Minneapolis St Paul group withdraws from AFL bid, bid and draft picks awards to Raiders
2 (1961) Gophers lose Rose Bowl to Washington month after being named National Champion for last time.
2 (1993) Vikings lose Wildcard to Redskins 24-7
2 (2005) Moss leaves field before the end of a loss at Washington
3 (1981) Vikings lose Divisional Playoff to Philadelphia 31-16
3 (1982) Just days after Metrodome roof collapse, Tony Dorsett sets record for 99 yard run from scrimmage with only 10 men on field.  (Thanks RJ)
3 (1998) Vikings lose Divisional Playoffs to 49ers 38-22
4 (1975) Henry Boucha assaulted by Dave Forbes of Boston Bruins
4 (2009) Vikings lose Wildcard game to Eagles 26-14
5 (2013) Vikings lose Wildcard game to Packers 24-10
6 (1988) Dino Ciccarelli hits Maple leaf player over head with stick.
6 (1990) Vikings lose Divisional Playoffs to 49ers 41-13
8 (2002) Contraction:  Its reported that Pohlad loaned Selig and the Brewers $3 million in 1995, a violation of baseball's rules.
9 (1977) Vikings lose Superbowl XI to Oakland in Pasadena
9 (1994) Vikings lose Wild card game to Giants 17-10
9 (2005) Randy Moss moons Green Bay
10 (2002) Contraction: MLB gives Alabama businessman Donald Watkins permission to make offer to buy twins. 
10 (2016) Blair Walsh missed game winning kick in playoffs vs Seahawks
11 (1970) Vikings lose Superbowl IV to Chiefs in New Orleans
12 (1975) Vikings lose Superbowl IX to Pittsburgh in New Orleans
13 (1974) Vikings lose Superbowl VIII to Miami in Houston
14 (1977) Fighting saints play last game of 2nd franchise.
14 (2001) Vikings lose NFC championship 41-0 to the Giants
14 (2018) Minneapolis Miracle
15 (1997) Dennis Rodman kicks photographer Famous Amos during Timberwolves game
15 (1983) Vikings lose 2nd round of playoffs to Redskins 21-7
16 (2000) Vikings lose Divisional Playoff to Rams 49-37.  During game, Randy Moss Squirts an official with a water bottle and is fined $40000
16 (2005) Vikings lose Divisional playoff to Eagles 27-14
17 (1988) Darrin Nelson’s dropped pass at goal line - Vikings lose NFC championship to Redskins 17-10
17 (1999) Vikings lose NFC championship to Atlanta, Gary Anderson miss, take a knee, Cunningham Fumble, dropped INT
17 (2002) Contraction:  Star Tribune’s Ruesse Quotes Jim Pohlad saying his father has NOT volunteered for contraction and Twins President Jerry Bell says he’s tired of hearing that accusation.
17 (2007) Tim Brewster hired as Gopher Football head coach. (Thanks Matt C)
18 (1960) Plane carrying Lakers thought to have crashed, makes crash landing.
18 (2014) Demolition of Metrodome begins
20 (1977) The second incarnation of Fighting Saints franchise officially folds.
21 (2018) Philadelphia Fail
22 (1998) Wild given their name
22 (2002) Contraction: The Minnesota Court of Appeals upholds the injunction that forces the Twins to honor their lease.  Twins and MLB then file an appeal to MN supreme court
23 (1987) Timberwolves given their name
24 (2010) Bounty Gate NFC championship loss to Saints
25 (1972) Gopher basketball game called off with 36 seconds remaining after a brawl that left 3 OSU players hospitalized
26 (1986) Former Vikings Defensive Line coach Buddy Ryan wins Superbowl XX as Defensive Coordinator of the Bears
28 (1960) Minnesota Accepts NFL bid for Franchise
28 (1976) Kicks given their name
28 (1985) Met Stadium demolished
28 (2001) Former Vikings Offensive Coordinator Brian Billick wins Superbowl XXXV as Head coach of the Ravens
28 (2011) Twins announce trees will be removed from center field

February (14 of 29 days filled)
1 (2009) Former Vikings Defensive Coordinator Mike Tomlin wins Superbowl XLIII as head coach of the Steelers
2 (1967) Muskies and ABA born, Mikan Named Commissioner
2 (1984) Yankees sign Tim Belcher after secondary draft.
2 (2008) Johan Santana traded
2 (2014) Former Vikings Defensive Backs coach Pete Carroll wins Superbowl XLVIII as head coach of Seahawks
3 (1979) After negotiations break down with Yankees,Twins trade Rod Carew to Angels for Ken Landreaux, Dave Engle, Paul Hartzell and Brad Havens (Baseball-Almanac)
4 (2002) Contraction: The Minnesota Supreme Court refuses MLB's appeal of their ruling to force the twins to play out their lease.
4 (2007) Former Vikings Defensive Coordinator Tony Dungy wins Superbowl XLI as head coach of the Colts (Thanks Andy J)
5 (2002)  Contraction: Day after the MN Supreme court refuses to hear MLB appeal, Bud Selig calls contraction off for 2002 but says it’s still a possibility in the future.
6 (2006)  After threat of contraction and years of failed stadium bills, a Hennepin County District Judge rules Pohlad can sell or relocate after the 2006 season.
10 (1967) In a letter to the Vikings, Fran Tarkenton asks for trade
11 (1967) Vikings Head Coach Norm Van Brocklin resigns...for the second time
13 (1977) After a loss to Johnny Boudreaux, Scott Ledoux knocks off Howard Cosell’s toupee in a post fight scuffle claiming the fight was fixed by Don King and taunting Cosell to “tell it like it is”
20 (2012) With 4.9s left in overtime and down by 3 points, the Timberwolves Martell Webster steals a Denver Nuggets inbounds pass and goes for a dunk instead of trying to shoot a 3 to tie it.  (Thanks Twitter user @Brand842)
25 (1976) Fighting Saints play last game of first existence losing to the San Diego Mariners 2-1 in OT
26 (1981)  North Stars Boston Brawl.  406 Combined penalty minutes.  For the Stars - 18 minors 13 majors, 4 ten minute misconducts, 7 ejections. (credit Bob Showers, Al Shaver)
27 (2011) Twins announces Trees were removed previous week
28 (1976) Fighting Saints Franchise folds in the lobby of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, moments before the team was scheduled to board a flight to Cincinnati for a game that night.

March (13 of 31 days filled)
2 (2005) Randy Moss traded to Oakland for first round pick, (#7), take Troy Williamson 4/23/2005 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
2 (2007) McHale Named best GM in Sports by Forbes magazine
4 (1976) University agrees to NCAA penalties – probation for 3 years. 
7 (1988) Gopher basketball and football sanctions handed down
8 (2005) Tice meets with NFL officials about Super Bowl tickets.  Denies scalping them. 
9 (2005) ESPN reports Tice Admitted Scalping Tickets as an assistant, but never as head coach.
10 (1993) Norm Green announces North Stars move to Dallas
10 (1999) St Paul Pioneer press first reports the Gophers basketball academic scandal.
10 (2005) Sports Illustrated reports Mice Tice admitted selling his Super Bowl tickets as head coach.
11 (1999) Stephon Marbury Traded
21 (1996) After player lockout ends, MLB owners approve revenue sharing plan
21 (2015) Adrian Peterson rides a camel into his birthday party
22 (2010) twins sign Joe Mauer 8 year 184 million (Twins Almanac)
22 (2011) Gophers Hockey announce they are leaving the WCHA to join Big 10 hockey Conference.  (Thanks TSCF)
24 (1996)  Michigan’s Mike Legg does a trick “puck lift” to score tying goal vs Gophers, Michigan goes on to win 4-3 and advances to Frozen Four.  (Thanks JD)
24 (2006) Gopher Men’s Hockey lose to 16th ranked Holy Cross in first round of NCAA tournament.  (Thanks JD)
25 (1990)  Gophers lose to Georgia tech 93-91 and miss a trip to the Final Four (Thanks JD)
25 (2015) Minnesota United announced as an MLS franchise
26 (1960) Lakers Final Game Loss to St Louis Hawks in Playoffs 4-3
30 (1958) Muskies beat Colonels 3-2 in first round of ABA playoffs. 

April (24 of 30 days filled)
1 (2002) Contraction: After threat of contraction Twins open the season with a win over Kansas City
4 (1973) Fighting Saints Win vs Alberta Oilers tie break game to advance to playoffs.
7 (1977) North Stars lose to Buffalo Sabres in Preliminary Round 2-0
9 (2014) Twins Bench Clearing brawl Glen Perkins And Josh Donaldson (Skor North)
10 Minneapolis Lakers win the 1953 NBA Finals
10 (1982) As part of Calvin Griffiths house cleaning Roy Smalley traded to Yankees. 
11 (1961) Twins First Game ever and first win.  Beat Yankees. 
11 (1982) North Stars lose to Black Hawks in Division Semi Finals 3-1
11 (1989) North Stars lose to Blues in Division Semi Finals 4-1
12 Minneapolis Lakers win the 1954 NBA FInals
12 (1973) North Stars lose to Flyers in Quarterfinals 4-2
12 (2010) Inaugural game at Target Field. Twins beat the Red Sox 5-4. 
13 Minneapolis Lakers win 1949 NBA/BAA Finals (Minnesota's first ever Major sports championship)
13 (1993) North Stars play last home game at Met Center. (Thanks @VintageMNHockey)
14 (1968) Muskies lose ABA Eastern Div Finals to Pittsburgh Pipers 4-1.  Also Muskies last game before moving to Miami.
14 (1974) Fighting Saints Beat Edmonton Oilers 4-1 in first round of WHA playoffs
14 (1983) Snowstorm causes Metrodome roof to tear and deflate postponing Twins vs Angels game. (Thanks @TwinsAlmanac)
14 (2011) Mauer diagnosed with bi-lateral leg weakness
15 (1973) Fighting Saints Loss to Jets in first round of WHA playoffs 4-1
15 (1986) North Stars lose to Blues in Division Semi Finals 3-2
15 (1993) North Stars play last game ever before moving to Dallas
16 (1970) North Stars lose to Blues in Quarterfinals 4-2
16 (1972) North Stars lose to Blues in Quarterfinals 4-3
16 (1982) U of M board of Regents votes 10-1 to move gopher football off campus to the Metrodome.  (Thanks JD)
16 (1990) North Stars lose to Black Hawks in Division Semi Finals 4-3
17 (1948) A snowstorm prevents Gophers AD from returning a call to John Wooden who accepts UCLA job thinking Minnesota changed their mind.  (Thanks coworker MA)
17 (1999) Vikings draft Dimitirus Underwood
19 (1969) Pipers lose first round of playoffs vs Miami Floridians 4-3, also last game before moving back to Pittsburgh
19 (1975) Fighting Saints Beat New England Whalers 4-2 in first round
19 (2006) Mark Madsen goes 0-7 in 3 point attempts helping Timberwolves lose last game of season.
19 (2007) Wild lose to Ducks 4-1 in first round of playoffs (Conference Quarterfinals)
19 (2008) Wild lose to Avs in first round of playoffs 4-2 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
20 (1983) North Stars lose to Black Hawks in Division Finals 4-1
20 (2002) Chiefs trick Vikings into thinking they had run out of time on draft clock
20 (2018) Wild lose to Jets 4-1 in first round of playoffs
21 (1961) Twins First Home game at The Met.  Loss to Senators.
21 (1991) Vikings have no 1st or 2nd round picks due to Herschel Walker trade.
21 (2005) Onterrio Smith busted at airport with Whizzinator.
22 (1961) Twins first Home win at the Met. Beat senators. 
22 (1990) Vikings have no 1st or 2nd round picks due to Herschel Walker trade.
22 (1987) NBA awards Minnesota an expansion franchise
22 (1998) Minnesota awarded a WNBA franchise
22 (2017) Wild lose in first round to Blues 4-1 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
23 (2005) Vikings Draft Troy Williamson AND Erasmus James ahead of Aaron Rodgers
23 Minneapolis Lakers win 1950 NBA Finals
24 (2016) Wild lose to Dallas Stars 4-2 in first round of playoffs
25 Minneapolis Lakers win 1952 NBA Finals
25 (2018) After 14 year absence from playoffs, Wolves lose to Rockets in first round of playoffs 4-1
26 (1986) Wind causes Metrodome roof to tear causing a delay in the 7th inning of Twins game vs Angels
26 (1992) Vikings have no 1st or 3rd round picks due to Herschel Walker trade.
26 (2002) Mike Tice coins term 'Randy Ratio'
26 (2002) Contraction:  Judd Zulgad & Randy Furst report that twins may have volunteered as for contraction as early as April of 01. (6 months before the first reports of contraction even happening and all the denials about volunteering) 
26 (2003) Vikings don’t get draft card to podium in time and slip 2 spots in first round
27 (1960) Owners approve Lakers owner Bob Short's plan to move the team to Los Angeles (Lakers Encyclopedia & @1960sSports)
27 (1982) Vikings draft Darren Nelson over Marcus Allen
27 (1960) NBA owners voted to let Bob Short move the Lakers to LA (Los Angeles Lakers encyclopedia and @1960sSports)
28 (1960) Lakers owner Bob Short officially announces the team will be moving to Los Angeles.
28 (2002) Wolves lose to Mavericks in first round of playoffs 3-0. (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
28 (2011) Christian Ponder drafted by Vikings
28 (2012) Blair Walsh drafted by Vikings
28 (2018) Daniel Carlson drafted by Vikings
29 (1971) North Stars lose Canadiens in Semi Finals 4-2
29 (1997) Wolves lose to Rockets in first round of playoffs 3-0 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
30 (1985) North Stars lose to Black Hawks in Division Finals 4-2
30 (1992) North Stars lose to Red Wings in Division Semi Finals 4-3
30 (2001) Wolves lost to Spurs in first round of playoffs 3-1 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)

May (23 of 31 days filled)
1 (1974) Fighting saints Lose to Houston Aeros 4-2 in second round Division Finals of WHA playoffs
1 (1975) Fighting Saints lose to Quebec Nordiques 4-2 in Second Round WHA semi Finals
1 (1984) North Stars lose to Edmonton Oilers in Conference Finals 4-0
1 (2002) Contraction: Twins officials meet with legislators about stadium situation and inform them that Donald Watkins does not have the money to buy the team. 
1 (2003) Wolves lose to Lakers in first round of playoffs 4-2 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
2 (1998) Wolves lose to Sonics in first round of playoffs 3-2 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
2 (2000) Wolves lose to Portland in first round of playoffs 3-1 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
3 (1968) North Stars lose Semi Finals to Blues 4-3
4 (1984) Oakland A's Dave Kingman hits a pop fly into drainage hole the dome roof that never comes down.
5 (1998) North Carolina citizens vote down Don Beavers plan for stadium, killing plan to move Twins
7 (2015) Wild lost to Black Hawks 4-0 in second round of playoffs.
8 (1980) North Stars lose to Flyers 4-1 in Semi Finals.
8 (2004) After hitting a big shot in with 24s left in game 2 of the Western Conference Semis, Sam Cassell does big balls taunting dance, injures hip, wolves go on to lose Conference Finals to Lakers. (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
9 (2013) Wild lose to Black Hawks 4-1 in first round of playoffs (Conference Quarterfinals)
11 (1977) Top 10 Boxer (and Minnesotan) Duane Bobick loses to Ken Norton in 58 seconds.
11 (1982) As part of Calvin Griffith’s housecleaning Rob Wilfong and Doug Corbett are traded. 
12 (1978) Carew says he will never again sign with twins
12 (1982) As part of Calvin Griffiths housecleaning Butch Wynegar and Roger Erickson
13 (2014) Wild lose to Blackhawks in 2nd round 4-2 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
15 (1988) Minnesota Strikers lose Eastern Division Finals 4-1 to Cleveland Force.  Also last game in Minnesota. 
15 (1999) Wolves lose to Spurs in first round of playoffs 3-1 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
16 (2003) Wild lose Western Conference Finals to Mighty Ducks 4-0
19 (2015) Wolves finally get a 1st overall pick after 26 years.
20 (1987) Bill Lester Named Executive Director of the Metropolitan Sports Commission
21 (1981) North Stars lose Stanley Cup to New York Islanders
21 (2006) The Minnesota Legislature approves funding for a ballpark bill
21 (2007) Target field construction begins.  
21 (2018) Wild hire Gm Fenton
22 (1969)  Mikan announces ABA headquarters will move to New York
22  (2009) David Kahn hired as Gm of Wolves
23 (1994) Marv Harv Sell wolves to NO
23 (1945) Fort Wayne Daises, play first AAGPBL game after moving from Minneapolis (Millerettes)
24 (1968) Muskies announce move
25 (1991) North Stars lose Stanley Cup to Pittsburgh
27 (1944) Millerettes play first AAGPBL game in loss to Rockford Peaches 5-4
30 (1991) NHL Dispersal Draft to let the San Jose Sharks pilfer the North Stars roster
31 (1976) Blyleven gives fans the middle finger
31 (2004) Wolves lose to Lakers in Western Conference Finals 4-2
31 (2019) Sano robbed of HR in Tampa because of a speaker

June (14 of 30 days filled)
6 (1983) Twins Draft Tim Belcher with #1 Overall pick even though he informs them beforehand that he will be asking for $125k minimum signing bonus
7 (1966) Twins draft Steve Garvey in the amatuer draft.  Garvey goes to college in stead and is later drafted by the dodgers in the secondary phase.  (Bleacher report)
12 (1997) After legislature fails to approve ball park in late 90s, MLB gives Pohlad ok to sell team or move
13 (1978) after trying to trade Rod Carew for the previous few weeks Griffith says Carew will stay the rest of the season. 
15 (1989) Rick Mahorn selected as the first ever Timberwolf in the expansion draft
15 (1994) NBA rejects New Orleans buy wolves
15 (2006) Ortiz hits speaker in dome
17 (2008) Boston Celtics win NBA Finals with Kevin Garnett
19 (1970) Golfer Dave Hill savages Minnesotas Hazeltine Golf Course at US Open: 'If I had to play this course every day, I'd take up another game,' 'They ruined a good farm when they built this place. All it needs are a few cows and 80 acres of corn.''They ought to plow up the whole thing and start over,' 'The guy who designed this course had the blueprints upside down.' (UPI, MPR News, Coworker PP)
19 (1999) Dallas Stars win first Stanley Cup
19 (2016) Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Finals with Kevin Love
20 (1997) Nursing home mogul Don Beaver from North Carolina approaches Twins officials about buying team. 
22 (1984) Carl Pohlad buys Twins from Calvin Griffith
22 (1988) Mn Strikers announce they are dissolving the team.
22 (1988) After turbulent year as coach the North Stars announce Herb Brooks will not return.
24 (2004) The Timberwolves have no 1st Round draft pick due to penalties from illegal Joe Smith deal
25 (1997) Wild founded
25 (2009) Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn drafted…ahead of Steph Curry.
26 (1996) Wolves draft Ray Allen, trade for Stephon Marbury (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
26 (2002) The Timberwolves have no 1st Round draft pick due to penalties from illegal Joe Smith deal
26 (2003) After not having a 1st Round pick for 2 years, the Wolves draft Ndudi Ebi
27 (1969) reported that Pipers announce they will play 69-70 season back in Pittsburgh
27 (2001) The Timberwolves have no 1st Round draft pick due to penalties from illegal Joe Smith deal
27 (2011) Twins lose to dodgers 15-0
27 (2013) Wolves draft, Trey Burke trade for Shabazz Muhammad ahead of Giannis, CJ McCollum
30 (1993) JR Rider drafted by Wolves.
30 (2005) Mike Tice fined $100,000 for scalping Superbowl tickets

July (12 of 31 days filled)
4 (2012) Wild Sign Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to identical 13 year $98 Million guaranteed contracts
5 (1992) Twin's Chili Davis hit a ball off a speaker on the dome roof, and the ball was caught by Baltimore second baseman Mark McLemore for an out.  (LA Times)
7 (1980) Minnesota's Scott Ledoux Loses WBC World Heavyweight title bout to Larry Holmes. (Thanks Coworker PP)
9 (1968) Harmon Killebrew injures hamstring during the 3rd inning of the All Star Game
9 (2010) Kahn compares Darko to Chris webber uncomfortable conversation
12 (1996) Kirby Puckett announces retirement due to loss of vision in his eye.
14 (1944) Millerettes unknowingly play last home game at nicollet park before becoming permanent road team.  They beat Milwaukee 7-6
16 (1974) Twins Brewers Brawl - Reusse
20 (2009) Twins blow 10 run lead to A’s lose 13-14 which we think is the Twins biggest blown lead of all time.
23 (1944) Millerettes announce they will play rest of season on road. 
23 (1996) JR Rider traded
29 (1991) Keith Millard crashes Corvette in Hardees parking lot, leaves scene to beat training camp curfew
30 (2019) Wild GM Paul Fenton fired
31 (1972) Dick Allen hits 2 Inside the park home runs in the game off Bert Blyleven
31 (2007) Kevin Garnett traded to the Boston Celtics
31 (2019) Twins make last minute trade deadline deal for Kevin Dyson who turns out to be injured

August (19 of 31 days filled)
1 (1999) Dimitrius Underwood signs 7 million dollar contract
2 (1999) Dimitrius Underwood walks out of practice and doesn’t return
3 (1987) Umpire Tim Tschida asks Twins pitcher Joe Niekro to empty his pockets. He drops an emery board and sandpaper. Niekro is suspended for 10 games.
4 (1984) Steckel’s first game as head coach, replacing Bud Grant
5 (1994) Glen Taylor buys Timberwolves
9 (1976) WHA approves transfer of Cleveland Crusaders to Minnesota to become the second incarnation The New Fighting Saints
11 (2019) Vikings trade 5th round pick for kicker Kaare vedvick
14 (1959) Minneapolis St Paul awarded an original (not yet called AFL) franchise.
15 (2006) Koren Robinson leads police on a high speed chase on hwy 169
16 (1983) After losing #1 pick Tim Belcher to the Yankees because he refused to pay an appropriate signing bonus, Calvin Griffith is quoted as saying he hopes he never has the first round pick again.
18 (2009) Brett Favre arrives (the first time)
23 (2014) Wolves trade Kevin Love to Cleveland for Andrew Wiggins
24 (2005) Wolves hold voluntary Mini camp in Vegas but pay for expenses, which is violation of salary camp.
24 (1988), Dino Ciccarelli sentenced to $1000 fine 1 day in jail for on ice incident hitting Maple leaf over head with stick. (@VintageMNHockey)
25 (1970) Met stadium bomb threat (@Michael_J_Adair  @TwinsWild16)
26 (1981) Kicks last game at Met Stadium.
27 (2019) Loons lose USOC to ATL
27 (2015) Sano hits ball off tampa Catwalk (@bstoffel350)
28 (1976) Kicks lose NASL Championship (aka the Soccer Bowl) to Toronto 3-0
30 (1960) American League votes to expand, Twin Cities chosen as candidate.
30 (1990) White Sox, Ron Karkovice hits inside park grand slam vs Twins (Twitter @Tinger_3)
30 (2007) Target Field official ground breaking ceremony held. 
31 (2005) Michael Finley chooses Spurs after Garnett recruiting him.  (Thanks JG)
31 (2019) Vikings Cut Kaare Vedvik after trading a 5th round pick for him. 

September (18 of 30 days filled)

1 (2005) Its reported that Timberwolves fined for paying expenses at voluntary camp in vegas
2 (1965) Bob Allison goes 0-5 with 5 Ks in 5-4 loss (Twins Almanac)
3 (2006) Bert Blyleven drops F Bomb on live TV.
3 (2016) Vikings trade for Sam Bradford after Teddy Bridgewater has life threatening leg injury
6 (1981) Kicks unknowingly play last game ever
6 (1995) Saints outdraw twins
7 (1997) The Star Tribune reports that Pohlad has an offer from Don Beaver on the 6th, but a day later he denies the report. 
8 (2000) Glen Taylor Called to meeting with NBA Commissioner and admits secret deal with Joe Smith
9 (1989) First Timberwolves Hoopfest Rick Mahorn Promotional Appearance
11 (1995) Twins inform Legislative panel that the Metrodome is Obsolete.  Although they never officially say “new stadium”  That is the intention.
11 (2010) Gophers football loses to FCS South Dakota. 41-38
12 (1982) Twins lose 18-7 and Terry Felton is credited with his 13th loss of the season and the 16th loss of his career.  He would be released after the season and would finish his career 0-16.
15 (2002) Mike Tice calls into radio show to discuss his kicker Doug Brien missing 2 XPs in overtime loss to Bills.  Brien was fired and Gary Anderson was brought back.
17 (1961) Vikings play first ever regular season game
17 (1983) Gophers lose to Nebraska 84-13
17 (2018) Vikings cut Kicker Dan Carlson, replaced by Dan Bailey
18 (1997) Pohlad begins negotiations with Don Beaver to Sell Twins to NC, and claims it’s not a ploy to pressure Minnesota for a new stadium. 
19 (2018) Jimmy Butler requests trade
21 (1970) Vida Blue No Hit Twins in 8th career start.  (@Super70’sSports)
24 (2002) Randy Moss Hits a traffic officer and pot is found in his car
24 (2011) Gophers lose to FCS North Dakota State 37-24
27 (1960) Vikings given their name.
28 (1978) Calvin Griffith's racist remarks in speech at Waseca Lions.
28 (1984) Twins blow 10 run lead. (Thanks D. Graham email submission)
28 (2012) Tsuyoshi Nishioka gives back $3.25 million as an apology for poor play (Yahoo sports and SKOR North)
30 (2016) Twins lose for the 103rd time that season 3-7 to White Sox marking it as the worst season in team history (Baseball Reference)

October (25 of 31 days filled)
2 (2016) Twins finish their worst season ever 59-103 with win over Chicago White Sox 6-3
2 (2018) Manager Paul Molitor is fired a year after taking the Twins to the Wildcard game and being named Manager of the Year.
3 (1982) Twins end season losing 102nd game of the year.  2nd worst record in franchise history.
3 (1997) Pohlad signs a letter of intent to sell the Twins to Don Beaver
3 (2017) Twins lose to Yankees in Wildcard game 8-4 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
4 Lynx win 2017 WNBA championship
5 (1970) Twins lose ALCS to Orioles
5 (2003) Twins lose to Yankees in ALDS (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
6 (1969) Twins lose ALCS to Orioles
6 (2000) The Wild play their first game ever losing to Ducks 3-1.
6 (2002) Contraction: The Twins beat the Oakland As in the Division Series and advance to the ALCS
6 (2002) Contraction: On that very same day, during the pos- game celebration, Pohlad finally admits volunteering the team for contraction and says he doesn’t feel guilty in least.
6  (2005) Vikings Love Boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka
6 (2006) Twins swept by A’s in ALDS 3-0 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
7 (1976) Fighting saints play first game of new franchise
7 Lynx win 2011 WNBA championship
9 (2004) Twins lose to Yankees in ALDS (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
9 (2009) Phil Cuzzy’s famous Blown call on Mauer ground rule double costs Twins a run, possibly game.
9 (2010) Twins swept by Yankeess in ALDS 3-0 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
10 (2003) Gophers blow 21 point lead on Michigan in 4th Quarter lose 38-35.
10 Lynx win 2013 WNBA championship
10 (2018) Jimmy Butler crashes Wolves practice after holding out and yells at owner and management
11 (1967) North Stars play first game ever. Tie with Blues 2-2
11 (2000) The Wild play first home game at the Xcel. Tie Flyers 3-3
11 (2009) Twins swept by Yankees in ALDS 3-0 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
12 (1989) Herschel Walker trade
13 (1972) Fighting Saints First Game ever. Loss Vs Winnipeg Jets
13 (2002) Contraction: Twins Lose the ALCS to Anaheim 4-1 (Courtesy Will Ragatz)
14 (1965) Twins lose game 7 of World Series to Dodgers
14 Lynx win 2015 WNBA championship
15 (1972) Fighting Saints first win ever. Beat Chicago Cougars 3-2.
15 (2005) Leading 34-31 with 30 seconds left, Minnesota’s punt is blocked by Wisconsin in the endzone and lose 38-34 (Thanks JD)
16 (2018) Kevin Garnett says Glen Taylor doesn’t know sh$% about basketball on National television.
17 (2010) Tim Brewster fired
18 (2000) After starting 0-4-1, Wild get first win  and first win at home vs Tampa Bay 6-5.
21 (1967) North Stars get first win and first win at home vs the Oakland Seals 3-1
22 (1967) Muskies first game.  Loss to Kentucky Colonels 104-96.
22 (2001) Contraction: The first reports surface of contraction officially happening before 2002 season with the expos and Marlins named as possible candidates.
24 (1967) Muskies first win.  Beat the Pittsburgh Pipers 104-86.
24 (2000) Gophers vacated 1997 Final Four appearance as well was other years tourney appearances as punishment for academic scandal
25 Twins win 1987 World Series
26 (1960) Calvin Griffith talks owners into letting him move Senators to Minnesota
25 (1964) Jim Marshall recovers a fumble and runs the wrong way vs San Francisco
26 (2001 Contraction: After first reports of contraction happening to the expos and Marlins, the Twins are rumored to be candidate
27 (1968) Pipers first game, win vs Miami Floridians 126-94.
27 (1974) Fran Tarkenton gets ejected after throwing a ball at a Buffalo Bills player (Thanks @MrZMovies)
27 Twins win 1991 World Series
29 (2010) Randy Moss lashes out about catering in locker room
30 (1988) Steve Youngs 49 yard Run vs Vikings with 2 min left to win 24-21
31 (2001) Contraction: Pohlad denies that he asked for a buyout from other owners (denies volunteering team for contraction).
31 (2004) Latrell Sprewell declines Timberwolves $21 million contract offer saying "I have a family to feed".
31 (2010) After loss to Patriots, Randy Moss gets emotional in press conference about how much he misses them (Coworker PP)
31 (2018) The term General Soreness is used to excuse why Jimmy Butler isn’t playing. 

November (21 of 30 days filled)
1 (1955) Calvin Griffith named President of Senators after his Uncle Clark the previous owner dies.
1 (2010) Even though it wouldnt be official until the next day, Randy moss is released by the Vikings ending his 2nd stint with the team
2 (2016) Norv Turner resigns as Vikings Offensive Coordinator, replaced by Pat Shurmur
3 (1989) Timberwolves play first ever game, losing to Seattle.
5 (1989) Following a win against the Rams, Jerry Burns goes on an epic NSFW rant defending his OC, Bob Schnelker.
5 (2001) Contraction: MSFC threaten legal action if Twins don’t fulfill lease. 
6 (2001) Contraction: The Owners vote 28-2 in favor of eliminating 2 teams for the 2002 season.  (expos twins vote against
8 (1989) Timberwolves play first ever home game...in the Metrodome, losing the Micheal Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.  I was there.  Rube cred.
9 (2001) Contraction:  In an effort to prevent employees from bailing, Jim Pohlad sends letter to employees telling them to hold tight, but also saying, 'Why should the Minnesota Twins not be contracted?' we are unable to find a plausible answer."
10 (1989) Timberwolves first win, defeating Sir Charles and the 76ers 125-118 in OT. Former Wolve Rick Mahorn came off the bench for the 76ers (Basketball Reference)
11 (2001) Randy Moss verbally abuses a team corporate sponsor on the team bus and is fined and required to attend anger management
14 (2001) Contraction: Mn legislators file lawsuit to break Baseballs federal antitrust exemption
14 (2017) Twins Manager Paul Molitor gets Manager of the Year a year before being fired.
15 (2001) Contraction:  In reference to lack of progress on a New Stadium Commissioner Bud Selig tells Minnesotans they should look themselves in the mirror
15 (2016) Vikings kicker Blair Walsh is cut and replaced by Kai Forbath
16 (2001) Contraction: Mn judge grants injunction filed by the  MSC to force twins to play in 2002.  The Twins and MBL appeal
19 (1981) Metrodome roof collapses from over a foot of snow requiring it to be re-inflated.
22 (2001) After being criticized for taking plays off, Randy Moss famously declares to Sid Hartman, I play when I want to play
22 (2007) Torri Hunter signs with Angels in free agency.
24 (1979) Minnesota's Scott Ledoux loses IBF USBA world Heavyweight title bout to Mike Weaver. (Thanks Coworker PP)
24 (2001)  Contraction: Alabama Businessman Donald Watkins says he wants to buy Twins.
25 (1975) Kicks were purchased from Denver.
25 (1987) Dino Ciccarelli exits his home without pants and is charged with indecent exposure.
26 (1960) Washington Senators officially change their name to Minnesota Twins.
26 (2010) Twins win Negotiating rights to Tsuyoshi Nishioka.
27 (1985) Lou Holtz accepts Notre Dame job after 2 year as gopher coach.  The terms "Lou Holtz clause" and "Notre Dame clause" are born
28 (2009) Adrian Peterson busted for driving 109 MPH on Hwy 62
29 (1960) Gophers last football championship named by AP and UPI, lose rose bowl month later.
30 (1983) Fort Lauderdale Strikers announce they are relocating to Minnesota

December (21 of 31 days filled)
5 (1996) Collective Bargaining agreement between players and owners which includes revenue sharing.
5 (1998) Lynx given their name
6 (2001) Contraction: Bud Selig Testifies for MN House Judiciary Committee holding hearings on baseball's antitrust exemption and is verbally assaulted by committee members and the governor.
7 (1978) Rod Carew Traded to the Giants but he would refuse to report.
7 (1981) Kicks fold due to financial losses and dispersal draft for players is held.
7 (2001)  Contraction:  Players are informed of possible spring training lockout by owners
8 (1978) After being traded to the Giants, Carew Says he will not report.
8 (2000) Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale suspended for illegal Joe Smith Deal
9 (1993) Dallas Stars return to play Ottawa at Target Center.
9 (2010) Twins trade JJ Hardy to Orioles. Hardy hit 77 HRs his first three seasons in Baltimore, was an All-Star in 2013, and won three straight Gold Gloves from 2012 to ’14 (@TwinsAlmanac)
11 (1981) Minnesota's Scott LeDoux loses IBF USBA world Heavyweight title bout to Greg Page. (Thanks Coworker PP)
11 (2018) Vikings OC John Defilippo fired and replaced by Kevin Stefanski
12 (2010) Metrodome roof collapses for final time
13 (1919) Clark Griffith Buys Senators because he was tired of previous owner’s penny pinching.
13 (1994) Met Center torn down
16 (1984) Les Steckel’s last game as head coach, Loss to packer. 3-13 season. worst record in teams history
16 (2002) Twins release David Ortiz
17 (1984) Les Steckel is Fired, replaced by Bud Grant
18 (1975) University Committee presents findings of Musselman era violations to NCAA
18 (1991) Morris signs with Blue Jays after Carl Pohlad tells him to sign elsewhere because he is saving his money for Kirby
18 (2000) Contraction: Star Tribune quotes Pohlad as saying he wants no part of contraction, and that his objective is to keep baseball here
18 (2009) Wild Equipment fire in Ottawa
20 (1979) Construction begins on Metrodome
20 (1981) Kansas City beats the Vikings 10-6 in the final game ever played at Met Stadium.  (@TwinsAlmanac)
21 (2001) Contraction: Teams are given permission to release schedules and sell tickets for 02 season.
22 (1968) Vikings lose Divisional Playoff to Colts 24-14
23 (1998) Pohlads announce Twins will be Slashing their payroll from 27 million in 1998 to 10-15 million for the following season.  Merry Christmas Twins fans!
23 (2001) Contraction: Two days after teams given permission to sell tickets commissioner says contraction could still happen in February.
25 (1971) Vikings lose Divisional Playoff to Cowboys 20-12
27 (1970) Vikings lose Divisional Playoff to 49ers 17-14
27 (2001) Contraction: The Minnesota Court of Appeals begins hearing testimony on MLB's appeal to lift an earlier decision that the Twins must fulfill their 2002 lease to play in the Metrodome.
28 (1975) Vikings lose Divisional Playoff to Cowboys 17-14 on Drew Pearson's famous pushoff.  Also the birth of the term 'Hail Mary' thanks to Roger Staubach's pass on that play.
28 (1996) Vikings lose Wild card game to Cowboys 40-15
28 (2003) Cardinals knock Vikings out of playoffs on last second 4th down play.  Noooooooooo!
29 (2006) Gophers blow 31 point lead in Insight Bowl and lose to Texas Tech in OT
30 (1982) Metrodome roof tears and deflates due to heavy snow.
31 (1978) Vikings lose Divisional Playoff to Los Angeles Rams 34-10
31 (2006) Glen Mason fired for Insight Bowl meltdown.

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