Conservatory of Calamity

Lou Holtz Wing
Save Memorial Stadium button
Ticket stub from first Gopher football game at Metrodome
Any assignment created by Jan Gangelhoff
Defensive play call sheet from Gophers 28 point collapse to Michigan
Tim Brewster’s Chili recipe
The page of Lou Holtz’s contract with the Notre Dame clause

The Fred Smoot Wing
The Original Whizzinator
Randy Ratio playbook
Troy Williamson's contacts
Erasmus James knee brace
Draft board showing Troy Williamson and Erasmus James ahead of Aaron Rodgers
The card that didn’t make it to the podium on time in 2003 draft
Herschel’s shoe that came off in his first game
Moss’ pants he mooned GB with
Water bottle Moss squirted ref with
Ticket stubs from Mike Tice scalping
Serving tray from Tinucci's catering
Planter that Millard crashed his car into.  Or damaged part of the bumper/windshield from the car
Any Viking’s speeding ticket
Furniture from the Miss Chievious (Love boat) or a ‘toy’ used by Fred Smoot
The microphone from Jerry burns F bomb rant
The orange thrown at drew Pearson during the Hail Mary
A team photo of the Vikings at Giants stadium from 41-donut game to prove they were actually there
Tahi jersey with #12 on it
The turban Adrian Peterson wore to his birthday party
Dimitrius Underwood's contract
Whiskey bottle thrown at the red from hail mary game (@bigPdaddy)
Cleats from Gary Anderson, Blair Walsh and Daniel Carlson (@navy09212010)
A left upright (@Kurtiswes)
A Clay sculpture of Darrin Nelsons Hands (@SkolCapital)

Joe Neikro Wing
Piece of Metrodome roof that tore
Drain hole ball went into
Joe Niekro's emery board
The speaker from the dome that Chili Davis hit ball off of
The lineup card from twins 103rd loss
The letter Nishioka writes to Twins apologizing for poor play
The press release of David Ortiz’s release

Norm Green Wing
Wren Blair's skates
Dino Ciccarelli’s pants
Seat from Met Center
Goalie pads from Gary Smith who disrobed and showered between every period
Stuffed parrot toy Ozzie from Tino Lettieri

Eugene ‘Famous’ Amos Wing

Famous Amos’ camera
Butler's locker nameplate
MRI of Sam Cassell's hip
Rick Mahorn wolves jersey
David Kahn's draft board showing Rubio and Flynn ahead of curry
The laptop Thibs (allegedly) threw
The pen Glen Taylor signed the illegal contract with